Add value to your home by finding out what cool technology you could add to make your home cosier, how to fund it cost effectively and who to trust to install that technology.

What technologies are available for your home?

Complete this short EST Community Home Energy Check Survey – By entering the community tag Energy100 in the next page, you can find out what cool technologies could cost-effectively make your home more comfortable to live in, cheaper to run and more carbon efficient.

Don’t forget to tell us about any pledges or changes you’re making in your Energy100 user profile.


What funding is available for you?

Find out if you could be eligible for funding assistance for your new technology here.

The funding landscape is vast and unclear but the Energy Grants Calculator should assist you further with financing options.


Who can help install these technologies?

Look up installers in your area to find a tradesman you can trust to install your cool new tech.

TrustMark is the only Government Endorsed 'find a tradesperson' scheme. Core services are in the Repair, Maintenance and Improvement sectors (RMI) of the building services trades, in simple terms anything you may have undertaken ‘in and around your home’.