Make your home cosier for less by changing the way you use your energy. Read below for tips, tricks and guidance on how to make your home cosier now. Don't forget to earn points by making a pledge on your user profile.


Comparing energy tariffs and suppliers can seem confusing and if you've never compared gas or electricity tariffs before it may seem daunting. But it's actually quite simple and you can find big savings on your bills - around £300 a year according to recent research.
(Source OFGEM)





10 Easy Pledges

  • Turn off standby appliances

  • Turn down your thermostat

  • Install a smart thermostat

  • Buy efficient appliances

  • Install a new boiler

  • Wash at a lower temperature

  • More...

5 Simple Steps to Switch

5 simple steps to reduce how much you pay for the energy you use! Shopping around could help to save you around £300 a year on your energy bills according to OFGEM.

Step 1: Grab your recent energy bills

Step 2: Enter the details into the switch site

Step 3: Choose the supplier you like after doing a little research on them

Step 4: Proceed online to transfer supply by following the instructions...

Draught proof your home

Draught proofing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep you cosy at home. Not only will you feel more comfortable, you'll also reduce your heating bills and cut down on emissions that contribute towards climate change.

Most homes have unwanted cracks and gaps that let warm air escape and let cold air in. You'll know where they are when the wind blows through them!

Where to check in your home:...

Upgrade heating controls

Heating your home and hot water is likely to account for 60% of your total energy bill.
A range of heating controls can be used and installed - many householders already have a few in place:

Room thermostats allow householders to set and maintain the temperature at home. A programmer sets the heating to turn on and off at certain times of the day to suit lifestyles.

Thermostatic radiator valvues (TRVs) let...